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We are present in more than 20 countries with our IT and economist team in continuous learning. We combine youth and experience with empathy and high skill level to carry out innovative operating environment and evolutionary technology.

All of these offering the best customer service. Our customer is always in the center and over everything else.

ASD Audit, The leading company with more than 20 years of experience improving the auditors life with softwares for accounting audits that are known by their agility and easiness.

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Only for auditors and firms that want to be unique and get more free time.

Automate completely the process of accounting audit.

Main uses:
Simplify and organize the data entry
Analyze the information of financial statements
Plan and create the ways to follow
Issue the final report

Automate the management and compliance of quality control firm.

Main uses:
Analyse and inform you about the connections
Manage the access to information
Create the lists of tasks assignment

Automation of electronic circularizations with the third parties.

Main uses:
Create the lists of the main suppliers
Send the mails automatically
“The firms that don't want to invest in digitalization, will disappear or regroup.”

The eighty percentage of the firms have decided to make the invest in digitalization of their processes as the only option in other to their audit still being not only efficient, but also competitive to have new growth opportunities.

Nowadays is necessary, but in a medium term would be indispensable

Risk assessment, audit testing, audit working papers, preparation of audit reports and much more. All automate in a just few minutes.



Save a forty percent of the time used and increase the productivity of your equipments in order to your audit firm will be more competitive.


Save time

Eliminate the hours lost in the management of circularizations.



Ensure about the compliance of International Standards of Quality management of your audit firm.



Stop worrying about the technology problems that are usual in the servidor, Antivirus, computer break-ins, backs up, etc. Everyting are online.



Work without the necessity of having advanced knowledge, easy use and power to speed up your audit works. It is always accessible from any browser, without the necessity of installation.



Our software processes according to your necessities; either you are an independent auditor, a small, a medium or a big audit firm.


Customers satisfied quiet secure with time


"With ASD Auditor in our work team, we have managed to unify the audit software and now we can evaluate uniformly the work quality of our equipments. Moreover, we can work in a collaborative manner in different audit financial projects."

ASD quality

"With ASD Quality Management we have achieved simplify the administrative management for the normative compliance in relation to the Quality of audit firms".

ASD confirmation

"ASD Confirmation has allowed us to have more time to use in other tasks that have more difficulty. We have removed the complex balance sheets to monitoring the sent circularizations; answer and data received in the customer, supplier, banks and other entities confirmations of our projects of financial audit"


¿What do you want to manage easily and with less work?

Telephone us and we explain you in which part of the process, you have problems and we explain you how this software could do this activity for you.