Taking advantage of the establishment and exigency of the new regulation for Quality Management for auditors, which system will be designed and implemented on 31st December 2022. In this post, we make a revision of the most important aspects.
ASD Quality Management help you to comply with the ISQM1, ISQM2 e ISA220r


Quality Management on a firm level (Replace the NICC 1): is the Quality Management regulation that will apply on the audit firms.


Quality reviews of the assignment; which is the standard that applies for the quality control reviews of the “EQCR” assignments.

NIA-ES 220 (Reviewed) / ISA 220 Reviewed

Quality management speaking of the assignment, it makes reference to the financial statements of the Audit. It deals with the responsibility of how the partner carries out the Quality management speaking of the assignment.

Entry into force in Spain the new regulation of Quality Management for the Audit Firms

The implementation of these regulations in our law is provided for under the final second disposition of the Audit regulations (Royal Decree 2/2021 of 12 January) under the heading “Changing the rules of internal quality control”on 2nd February ICAC submitted to a public information and published the final decision on 20th April 2022.

Implementation in SPAIN: on 1st January 2023 (in general terms) and on 1st January 2024 (the paragraphs from 53 to 54 of NIGC1).

With this new “quality management” regulation, there is a change of approach, moving from compliance with requirements and principles, to a proactive approach in which the firm itself must manage the quality, through the identification and evaluation of the quality risks faced by its activity and respond to these risks.

The most important changes in relation to the regulation ISQM-1 that will affect the Audit Firms:

  1. We move from the Quality control to Quality management, adopting a perspective based on risks (aim, risks, answers, leaving the traditional prescribed approach)
  2. Develop a culture that shows since the leadership, the responsibility of the firm with quality in all the organization and at all levels.
  3. More responsibility and leadership accountability.
  4. It is necessary a strong communication system, internal and external .
  5. Proactive attitude of continuous improvement.
  6. Try to have the appropriate resources, included the IT resources.
  7. The new system must be adapted to the Audit Firm and to the assignments and projects that are carried out; scalable regulation.
  8. Monitoring of the annual monitoring and remediation system as an integrated whole that allow to identify the failures and in their case, the corrective actions to be effective.

Progress and move from the Quality Control to Quality management of your Firm.

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